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# Subcat Activity Pts
1 Children Attend a parent child event 10
2 Children Build a blanket fort 10
3 Children Build a sandcastle with your kids 10
4 Children Build a snowman with your kids 10
5 Children Challenge your child to a strength activity 10
6 Children Coach or co-coach your child's sports team  10
7 Children Draw a picture with your kids 5
8 Children Expose your kids to music from when you grew up 5
9 Children Give your child a memento for a rite of passage 5
10 Children Make up a secret handshake with your kids 5
11 Children Open a savings account for your child 20
12 Children Pick a favorite song that you and your child can sing together 5
13 Children Take a selfie with you and kids 5
14 Children Take your child lunch at school 10
15 Children Take your child to do something new 10
16 Children Take your child to the mall and buy them something 5
17 Children Teach your child about weapon safety 20
18 Children Teach your child how to make a fist and punch properly 5
19 Children Tell your child a story about you when you were their age 5
20 Children Tell your child a story of how you met as parents 5
21 Children Watch a kids TV show or movie with your kids 5
22 Companion Challenge your spouse to a competition 10
23 Companion Give your spouse a greeting card for no reason 10
24 Companion Go to the gym with your spouse 5
25 Companion Have a meal with your spouse in which you feed each other throughout the entire meal 10
26 Companion Initiate an extravagant date night 20
27 Companion Make a romantic gesture in public to your wife 10
28 Companion Make an effort to do one special thing each day that makes your spouse's life easier for a week 10
29 Companion Make sexy remarks to your wife daily for a week 10
30 Companion Pick a favorite couples song 10
31 Companion Rent a expensive hotel room and drink champagne with your spouse 15
32 Companion Send your spouse chocolates or an equivalent treat 10
33 Companion Send your spouse flowers 5
34 Companion Stare into your spouse's eyes 10
35 Companion Surprise your spouse and bring them lunch or take them out for lunch 5
36 Companion Take a dance class with your spouse 5
37 Companion Take a selfie with the spouse 5
38 Companion Take a walk with your spouse 5
39 Companion Tell your spouse something new about you that they didn't know 5
40 Companion Tell your spouse you love them everyday when you wake up for a week 5
41 Companion Write your spouse a love letter 5
42 Companion Write your spouse a song or poem 5
43 Friends Buy a friend something special for no reason 10
44 Friends Cook a friend a meal 10
45 Friends Host a game night with couples friends 10
46 Friends Make contact with a lost friend 20
47 Friends Make up a secret handshake with your friend 15
48 Friends Organize a friends event or activity 15
49 Friends Plan or take part in a friends getaway 15
50 Friends Prank a friend 10
51 Friends Rock out to a favorite song with a friend 10
52 Friends Surprise a friend with lunch or take out to lunch 15
53 Friends Take a selfie with a friend or friends 15
54 Friends Treat a friend to a meal 15
55 Friends Write a letter to a friend telling them what they mean to you 15
56 Nucleus Ask your parent to tell you something that you may not know about them 10
57 Nucleus Buy matching family outfits 5
58 Nucleus Challenge a parent to a competition 10
59 Nucleus Challenge entire family to a competition 10
60 Nucleus Do a family tree 10
61 Nucleus Go on a family bike ride 10
62 Nucleus Go on a family hike 10
63 Nucleus Go on a family road trip 20
64 Nucleus Go on a limo ride with family 15
65 Nucleus Go sledding with family 10
66 Nucleus Go to a museum with family 10
67 Nucleus Go to a new amusement park with family 20
68 Nucleus Go to a play with family 10
69 Nucleus Go water skiing with family 10
70 Nucleus Have a family dance off 10
71 Nucleus Have a family portrait made 10
72 Nucleus Have a water fight with family 10
73 Nucleus Make a surprise visit to your parent or parents 15
74 Nucleus Make up a family crest 15
75 Nucleus Make up a family motto or slogan 15
76 Nucleus March in a parade as a family 20
77 Nucleus Organize a family game night 10
78 Nucleus Pick a family song and sing together 10
79 Nucleus Pick a favorite song that you and parents can share 10
80 Nucleus Plan a family trip where each member picks an activity 15
81 Nucleus Take a family selfie 10
82 Nucleus Take a parent or parents out for lunch 10
83 Nucleus Take a selfie with you and parent or parents 10
84 Nucleus Take one or both of your parents out to eat 10
85 Nucleus Teach your parent something 10
86 Nucleus Tell a parent how they make you proud 10
87 Nucleus Tell your parent something that they may not know about you 10
88 Nucleus Visit a parent's childhood home together 20
89 Nucleus Write a letter to a parent or parents about how much they mean to you 10
90 Pet buy your pet a new collar or toy 15
91 Pet give your pet a bath or clean their habitat 15
92 Pet play fetch or new game with them 15
93 Pet play hide and seek with your pet 15
94 Pet Spoil your pet 15
95 Pet Take a selfie with you and pets 15
96 Pet Take your pet for a walk or outside 15
97 Pet take your pet to mingle with others 20
98 Pet Take your pet for a ride in a car 10
99 Pet Take your pet to the groomers or vet 20
100 Pet Teach your pet a trick 20
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