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We at PLUS would like you to use this website as a tool to help you become your identity. We made completing activities interactive with posts that produce points, point based products, a social profile, forum, community, and articles to help encourage you and incentivize you to try new things and meet new people.

A large aspect we hope people will take the time to do is reflect. Reflect on the activities they completed and what they learned and saw, this will enable them to truly decide what is best for them and their own beliefs. We want to encourage users to the highest potential. Therefore vulgar, negative, offensive posts will not be tolerated. See below for walk-throughs and explanations of what is on the PLUS site!

PLUS also has an Android App. Simply look for us on Google Play or click the phone icon to the right.

Creating a profile on PLUS is free. Simply click on the “Register” button on the top of the screen. It will take you to a registration form.


The forms are self-explanatory. However the username must comprise of only and exactly 7 digits. I.e. 0184728. This is the identification you will have at PLUS. You will not be able to change this later. The idea is to get rid of all quantifying and catergorical characteristics except what you achieve in life.


On the right hand side, you can scroll down to view all members in alphabetical order to see what number username you would like that is open.


After you submit, you may receive an e-mail to approve the account.

The next screen is a more detailed form. The red star information is required. The more private information as address will be only viewable by PLUS administrators. We encourage to input all the information in case PLUS would like to send you an “Act of Kindness” gift in the future. None of your information will be provided to outside third parties and you may change visibility settings on each later on.


After you approve the account via your e-mail and finish the form, you may login and  will then be taken to the profile home stream page.


PLUS recommends playing with the account features to get to know everything. The profile works like a typical social media site for you to customize. The main feature are the activities list and accomplishments on the left hand side. That will be explained below.

You may logout from the top logout button or in your profile page. You may also go back into your profile by the profile button on the top button after logging in or the profile menu link.


Because we would like people to try new things and thus discover their identity, PLUS developed an activity list split into 7 main “roots” or categories. Each category has 5 subcategories. You can view these from the main menu "Activities" link or your profile point table on the left.


Each category is comprised on 100 activities each which sum in total 1,100 points (more activities may be added later on, but this is the starting point). Each activity is worth either 5, 10, 15, or 20 points depending on our rated difficulty.


For you to keep track of and start earning points, go to your profile page.

On the left hand column you will see a drop down list for the 7 categories, click on one.

Below should then display the 5 subcategories with 100 activities in total and displaying the name and points you receive. At the bottom of the screen are the totals.

Gray means the activity is incomplete and Blue means the activity is complete.


Click on the activity you would like to “complete”. To complete an activity, you only have to make a post. It is all integrity based. As a note, let’s say you are unable to participate in a particular activity for personal reasons. In that case, PLUS would like you to write an article style post about the topic generally. I.e. if you cannot go skydiving, do some research on what it is like to go skydiving, hazards, famous skydivers, or simply state your opinions.  

After you click on the activity, you may make your post to include reflections, comments, details, pictures, etc. Click "Create Activity Post" for the activity after clicking on the grayed activity. Only admins will be able to delete and edit the post from the activity database itself (so contact us in that event), however you may remove it from the front stream. 



Once you post, the post will go onto the community stream for everyone to view. You should also receive the allotted points as well; this is totaled at the bottom of the left column. You receive points only for the first post in that activity and the activity should now be blue. (If posts are illegitimate, admins may remove the post to remove points and gray out the activity again). 


The shop sells custom apparel, event tickets, annual subscriptions, and other items. The apparel is to show your pride and progression as you complete activities. Tickets are for events PLUS hosts. And Subscriptions gives users an ID Card to obtain local discounts we've obtained with respect to activities under the Incentives main menu link. You must be logged in to purchase from the shop.



Some items require a certain amount of points earned in order to gain rights to purchase. Checking out and payment goes through PayPal. All shipping is FREE and PLUS absorbs the tax for you. 


The points required are detailed by clicking on each product. The idea is for you to collect all the items. Most of all profits goes towards social responsibility efforts.

The community is similar to many social media sites you may have used before. You may customize your page, host events (requires admin approval), make groups, participate in discussions, comment on posts, read everyone’s post updates, upload pictures, videos, etc. Also, you earn badges via Karma points with more activities you complete. 


PLUS would, however, like you to use the community not as a place for “anything goes”, but to develop yourself and help you discover your identity. We would like users to positively encourage one another. Vulgar language and indecent usage will result in violations, warnings, and permanent or temporary deactivation of the account.

The forum is to help you answer questions and get structured feedback. Also it may be used to get assistance and suggestions when trying to complete activities. The forum will act better than the social profile as a record for other people and to better search issues for other users with similar problems. Additionally, if you have an idea or want to add to the activity lists, let us know there! You must be logged in to post.


We will periodically have polls on that page towards the bottom! You must be logged in to vote.


Articles are there to give you motivation and ideas as you complete activities. Articles may be obtained from third party sources, personally written by PLUS, or by other PLUS members. Feel free to comment at the bottom of each article, but only when you register.


A PayPal donations button is available for users to make extra donations along the mid right sidebar. All these donations goes towards social responsibility efforts.


Social media icons are on the right hand side to take you to the PLUS' profile on different social media.

The scrolling quotes on the bottom right sidebar are the values PLUS hopes to instill in people as they gain new experiences and insights on life.

To contact PLUS, simply use the information at the bottom of the screen in the copyright section, or e-mail us directly using the e-mail pop-up at the bottom right of the screen. 


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PLUS Quotes

  • Never forget who you are, where you come from, and who helped you along the way. Embrace your identity and remember, only your opinion of you matters in the end.
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