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 # Subcat Activity Pts
1 Integrity Answer, what is Your Earned Identity? 20
2 Integrity Answer, what is your purpose? 20
3 Integrity Answer, would the one you care for and love be proud of all you have done with your life up to this day? 20
4 Integrity Create a to do list and complete it 10
5 Integrity Do not use electronic devices for 3 days except for emergency communication 15
6 Integrity Make a New Years resolution 5
7 Integrity Make a side by side photo of when you first wake up and after you dress yourself up 5
8 Integrity Organize and consolidate your possessions 5
9 Integrity Read some of your own work from years before 5
10 Integrity Record yourself participating in your hobby and watch it 5
11 Integrity Smile and laugh at everything when appropriate for 24 hours 5
12 Integrity Stare at a mirror and verbally critique and comment your appearance 5
13 Integrity Stay emotionless for 24 hours 10
14 Integrity Think and write down what triggers your negative acts 10
15 Integrity Wait 5 seconds to think before answering any questions for 24 hours 10
16 Integrity Write a journal entry daily for a month 20
17 Integrity Write an interesting story about an event in your life 10
18 Integrity Write and compare yourself to someone you look up to 15
19 Integrity Write down your fears and why 5
20 Integrity Write down your life ‘highs’ and explain why they are so 10
21 Integrity Write down your life regrets 15
22 Integrity Write what you do well and what you would like to do in order to improve 5
23 Loyalty Confront someone with a problem you have always had 20
24 Loyalty Describe yourself in 3 words 10
25 Loyalty Find a true mentor 15
26 Loyalty Gain closure from everyone if you seek it 20
27 Loyalty Get a tattoo, piercing, or sentimental jewelry 15
28 Loyalty Hand write a letter to everyone you know 15
29 Loyalty Mail yourself a handwritten letter 10
30 Loyalty Make a list of your favorites and most dis-favorites 15
31 Loyalty Make a personal slogan 10
32 Loyalty Make a personal time capsule to be opened in your final years 20
33 Loyalty Make a routine schedule for a months 15
34 Loyalty Make your own motivational acronym 10
35 Loyalty Practice and better yourself in something you enjoy 15
36 Loyalty Write a definition for you 10
37 Loyalty Write a fictional story about yourself 15
38 Poise Blame yourself the next time something goes wrong 20
39 Poise Close your eyes and focus on your senses outside 10
40 Poise Close your eyes and practice holding and controlling your breath 10
41 Poise Compliment yourself in the mirror every morning for a week 10
42 Poise Constructively criticize and compliment something you built, accomplished, etc. out loud and verbally 10
43 Poise Dance crazily while pumping the music in your own privacy 10
44 Poise Do not use any vulgar language for an entire week 10
45 Poise Draw your self 10
46 Poise Focus on the single act you are doing at any given moment for 24 hours 10
47 Poise Get a cartoon caricature of yourself 10
48 Poise Ignore all outside opinions and only care about what you think about yourself 20
49 Poise Laugh at yourself 10
50 Poise Learn what makes you angry and how you need to cool down 10
51 Poise Practice your patience and understanding with others 10
52 Poise Record yourself as you sleep and watch a fast forwarded version 10
53 Poise Re-read your favorite book 10
54 Poise Take a break from everything 5
55 Poise Walk and sit everywhere for 24 hours with a boastful posture 5
56 Poise Write about if you could be anything else 5
57 Poise Yell at the top of your lungs 5
58 Selflessness Break a bad habit 15
59 Selflessness Budget and live minimally for a month 20
60 Selflessness Buy something small and affordable that caught your interest because you simply want it 5
61 Selflessness Cuddle with the one you love 5
62 Selflessness Find a childhood game or eat a childhood treat 5
63 Selflessness Go 24 hours blindfolded 20
64 Selflessness Go 24 hours with ear plugs in 10
65 Selflessness Go out and start and make your own ideas happen 20
66 Selflessness Intern, volunteer with, or participate in something you always wanted to do but never did 5
67 Selflessness Make a good new habit 10
68 Selflessness Make a will 15
69 Selflessness Make yourself a restaurant quality meal 5
70 Selflessness Overly chew your food thoroughly for a week 5
71 Selflessness Pay it forward in your own unique way 5
72 Selflessness Put 100% enthusiasm and effort into anything you do for a week 10
73 Selflessness Put all your change and small bills in a piggy bank for 1 year, then give it away to a family member 15
74 Selflessness Say no, within reason, to everything for a week 10
75 Selflessness Say yes, within reason, to everything for a week 10
76 Selflessness Take a day to clean every part of your body and life (Go to the spa or do a cleanse) 5
77 Selflessness Tell the one you love, you love them, daily for a month 5
78 Selflessness Treat yourself to something you have not done or had in a long time 5
79 Selflessness Unsubscribe from unnecessary e-mails and clean out your account 5
80 Selflessness Wait one week before buying something you want and do not necessarily need 5
81 Selflessness Write a goodbye letter to those you love in case of an inevitable event 20
82 Selflessness Always say positive optimistic things to yourself and others you meet for an entire week 15
83 Understanding Buy a new outfit complete with a new scent 10
84 Understanding Compile a life scrapbook 10
85 Understanding Compile pictures of fashion styles and haircuts you like and dislike 10
86 Understanding Compile your 25 favorite songs into a playlist and listen to it all at once 10
87 Understanding Do something to feel proud of yourself 10
88 Understanding Explore something new which you have never done before 15
89 Understanding List 10 words that you believe are necessary to become a perfect person 10
90 Understanding Research to combat and overcome your fears 20
91 Understanding Research your dreams 10
92 Understanding Spend 24 hours having no down time at all 10
93 Understanding Take a day to watch your favorite 5 movies in a marathon 10
94 Understanding Update your resume, accounts, and social media 10
95 Understanding Wear the same thing for an entire week 10
96 Understanding Write a personal statement of what make you unique 10
97 Understanding Write an autobiography of yourself 10
98 Understanding Write down all your life goals and how to get there 20
99 Understanding Write how have you changed since you started these PLUS Activities? 10
100 Understanding Write whether you are happy 10
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