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Patch Life Utilities supports their local small businesses! As you continue you will find lists of local businesses who have supported the PLUS cause by providing you with discounts, incentives, donations, opportunities, and more! Remember, in order to receive these incentives you must be a subscribing member to PLUS and bring your ID Card. Below are the top picks, a map of these top picks, and a calendar of all businesses' personal events they may be having. 


Our Picks for Subscribing Members

Name Discount Description
Midwest Music  5% Off Purchase of Piano or Organ Piano Store 
 St. Ann Music, LLC 15% Off First Time Purchase Sheet Music Store 
City Music  10% Off First Time Purchase Music Store 
High Level Studios Free Consultation Web Developer
Sew Sweet Alterations Boutique

20% Discount on 1st Custom Order or Alteration

Custom Apparel Alterations
T&M Automotive, Inc. 1/2 Off Oil Change for 1st Time Customer Automotive Shop
Comic Book Relief 25% First Time Customer Purchase from Store Comic Book / Collectible Store
St. Louis Tees Free Custom T-Shirt Consult

Custom Tees and Screen Printing

Starry Sky Designs 1 year Free Web Hosting with purchase Website Design & Marketing Content
STL-Style 10% Off (limited to one redemption) Saint Louis inspired apparel store

PLUS strives on supporting local small businesses. If you would like PLUS to advertise you on our website and marketing avenues, in return for providing our subscribing members an exclusive first and one time discount for making their first purchase or use of your service, please contact us with your company details at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

How this all works is, once contacted, we will discuss what kind of incentive or discount you would like to provide subscribing members. Members subscribe by purchasing a subscription through the shop at the beginning of each year. They recieve a PLUS ID card that expires by the end of the year. They also get a booklet of coupons, of incentives provided by you the local small businesses. We ask for those coupons to not expire or at least last until the end of the year. The coupons range from whatever incentive you provide; the more of an incentive, the more likely people with try your business product or service. The idea is a one time use coupon to get people curious to try something new as they try to complete our diverse ranged activity lists. We make the coupon for you (with your contact information, what incentive, and disclaimer), which cannot be duplicated hence our security sticker. Users will come in and seek a purchase or service, then upon check out they should present both their ID card and coupon. Once used, you simply sign the back and that user has used that coupon. Once they use a coupon, that is it for them for that coupon and business. When they subscribe again, the are not sent a coupon they have already recieved. Also, you may retract your provided incentive at any time (although frowned upon if in the middle of the year). Once you agree to provide an incentive, we will advertise you on our site, marketing, events, etc. The marketing is free and will last as long as you continue to provide our subscribing members an incentive. 

PLUS gives everyone a chance to be further marketed, with or without high rankings. We will randomly choose a couple businesses for each marketing approach to be added to these further marketing techniques. We hope to give everyone as much exposure as possible and may be respective to contributions/provided incentive.

Incentives range and are at your discretion as the business owner. They can range from % or $ amount off the visit. Free first time or limited time offers. Extra bonus with a visit. Lessons. Behind the scene tours. Interviews. Mentorship. Shadowing opportunities. Remember, the point of these incentives are to help users try new things and complete these activities. The activities are used to give them exposure into new areas so that they can decide what it is they want to become.

Remember, incentives require to have the user at your business site. You may only give them an incentive if they present you with their not expired ID card and a valid not altered coupon. A picture of what the ID Card and Coupon we will provide is below.

ID Front

ID Back

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Incentives Mind


T&M Automotive, Inc.

½ Off Oil Change for 1st Time Customer (Some Restrictions May Apply) Read More
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Incentives Soul


Patch Life Utilities

Your journey begins with making a profile! Read More
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Incentives Individual



St. Louis-inspired Apparel Store offering a 10% discount (limited to one redemption). Read More
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Incentives Body


Comic Book Relief

Comic Book & Collectibles Store Offering PLUS Members 25% Off First Time Store Purchase Read More
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PLUS Quotes

  • Never forget who you are, where you come from, and who helped you along the way. Embrace your identity and remember, only your opinion of you matters in the end.
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